Google Photos is a very useful phone app.

  1. It’s free
  2. You can store ALL your photos and videos online
  3. You can easily share individual photos and videos or entire albums
  4. It has very helpful organization and searching abilities

In this article we will show you how to SHARE google photos through


There are various ways Google Photos lets you share photos, videos, or albums. For our purposes we are interested in sharing via link. The steps to do that are:

1. Click or tap on the SHARE icon (the exact location will vary depending on what device you are using)

On the computer and android device, the SHARE icon looks like this:

On an iOS device it looks like this:

2. Click or tap on the GET LINK or CREATE LINK icon

Your device will save the link to your clipboard or display the link and give you the option to COPY it.

Either way, you have now successfully obtained the link that allows you to share this photo, video, or album through

Share through

1. After logging into your free account, click on My Codes.

2. Find the CODE you want to use, then click on the green links to add a description and target destination.

3. Paste the SHARE LINK you obtained earlier into the Destination field.

4. Lastly,  click on the first field (column “Label”)  to create and download your label. The label can then be treated like a photo and added to your greeting card, photobook, etc.

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