MoreAboutMe multimedia stickers come in two kinds: as pre-printed stickers or as digital, downloadable stickers. Both kinds of stickers are configured exactly the same, they differ merely in how they are used. The physical pre-printed sticker is obviously simply removed from its backing and placed next to the photo or wherever you want.  The digital sticker is downloaded from the site as an image file (.png) and is then treated like a  photo. You can insert it into a Word document, greeting card template, photo book layout, etc. just as you would a photo.

This document explains how to configure a pre-printed sticker.


From the website, click on the Login link, then enter your credentials.

If you don’t have an account, just sign up. It is free!


Click on My Codes


Click I already have a CODE and want to ADD it.


Enter the Code printed underneath the QR code.

Enter the PIN printed at the top of the sticker strip.

The new CODE is automatically added to your list of  CODES.


There are two things to configure. Each is configured by simply clicking into the respective field:

  • Description – can be anything you want. This helps you remember where you used this sticker/CODE.
  • Destination – the url to the video, audio, or any other web-content.

The Label field does not need to be configured since you own a physical, pre-printed multimedia sticker. If you want, you are welcome to download a digital sticker with your CODE. Just be aware that both the digital and the physical pre-printed sticker will point to the same destination.

Your multimedia sticker is now ready to be used.