MoreAboutMe multimedia stickers come in two kinds: as pre-printed stickers or as digital, downloadable stickers. Both kinds of stickers are configured exactly the same, they differ merely in how they are used. The physical pre-printed sticker is obviously simply removed from its backing and placed next to the photo or wherever you want.  The digital sticker is downloaded from the site as an image file (.png) and is then treated like a  photo. You can insert it into a Word document, greeting card template, photo book layout, etc. just as you would a photo.

This document explains how to obtain, download, and then place a digital multimedia sticker into a Word document.


From the website, click on the Login link, then enter your credentials.

If you don’t have an account, just sign up. It is free!


Click on My Codes


If you already have one or more CODES in your list and want to configure one of them, skip to step 5.

Otherwise, click I want to buy a CODE.


Enter the number of CODES you want to purchase, click Buy and enter your credit card details. The CODES you purchase will be automatically added to your list of CODES.


There are three things to configure. Each is configured by simply clicking into the respective field:

  • Description – can be anything you want. This helps you remember where you used this sticker/CODE.
  • Destination – the url to the video, audio, or any other web-content.
  • Label  – we’ll explain that next.


If you clicked into the label field (either on the default text or on the image of the last sticker you created for this CODE), you will see our growing list of sticker groups:

6. a. Expand a particular sticker group by clicking on the down arrow on the far right.

6. b. Select the sticker you want. The box outline of a selected sticker will tilt.

6. c. Click Continue at the top of the screen.

7. a. Click Download and save the file to your computer.

7. b. Click Back to be returned to the list of CODES.

Insert Multimedia Sticker into WORD Document

Here is a quick example how to insert this digital sticker into a Microsoft Word document. Whatever version of Word, other word processor, or layout program you are using, the process will be very similar. Just keep in mind that our MoreAboutMe multimedia sticker is now a digital image, nothing more, nothing less.


Select Insert in the Menu bar/ribbon, select Picture , browse to our MoreAboutMe multimedia sticker and click on Insert


Chances are your image slides behind text, either now or later as you move it.

In the Format Menu (tab), select Wrap Text, then select In Front of Text.


You can now drag the MoreAboutMe multimedia sticker to any place on the page.

Remember, in order for the QR code to scan easily it should be at least 1/2″ (1.25cm) wide.