Multimedia Sticker – Rainbow


Multimedia Sticker: Add video to your scrapbook page or photo.

The multimedia label provides a link to your video, audio, or any other web-based content.


Do you have some video clips that you wish you could add to your scrapbook? Maybe your child’s first steps, learning to ride a bike, getting an award, performing…

With our unique multimedia labels you can!

  • 5 multimedia stickers
  • Management through your free web portal
  • Free shipping in USA

How to use the multimedia sticker:

  1.  Save your video to the cloud. Google Photos is a great place, but there are many others (Facebook, Youtube, Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Box, pCloud,…).
  2.  Copy the ‘Share Link’ from your cloud storage provider. It will look something like this:
  3.  Log into your free account, register the CODE printed on the multimedia sticker (and the hidden PIN) and paste the ‘Share Link’.
  4.  Place your multimedia sticker into your scrapbook. Anyone scanning the QR code on it will immediately see your video.

Easy as pie and so much fun.

(Newer iPhones have the QR reading function built right into the camera app. For Android phones there are numerous free QR code reader apps available. Try it: Scan any of the QR codes on the product image and watch a product demonstration video.)

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